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Our Mission

The current system for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea is too expensive, too cumbersome, fragmented and inefficient.  By embracing Telemedicine and a network of providers, our mission is to utilize a best practices approach to disrupt the current system and address the needs and desires of our patients.

About Us

We are a Telemedicine company for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders that was developed to ensure that our patients receive the most efficient, cost effective, and streamlined approach to the management of their disease. The patient will be evaluated by a board- certified sleep physician via a computer or mobile device with a real time consultation from the comfort in their own home or office.
Over the last 20 years there has been an increased awareness of the growing population of patients with OSA who struggle to get the care that they deserve. OSA is a medical disease and requires an evaluation by a sleep physician who then obtains a sleep study to make the diagnosis. In the past, the primary form of diagnosis was an in-lab study and treatment was inevitably placing the patient on CPAP which was deemed the “Gold Standard”. While treatment with CPAP was nearly 100% efficacious, the compliance compromised its effectiveness and over 50% of the patients failed CPAP and became discouraged with treatment and the whole process.
In October 2017, the ADA recommended that all dentists screen their patients for Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. In most states, dentists cannot order a sleep study or make the diagnosis of OSA. Oral Appliance Therapy has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of mild to moderate OSA and some cases of severe OSA and is supported by both the AASM and AADSM guidelines. Oral Appliance Therapy is greatly underutilized in the US due to the barriers, roadblocks, insurance issues and referral process and regulations that have impeded the treatment of patients and the collaboration between physicians and dentists.
It is the goal of this company to increase the utilization of Oral Appliance Therapy in the treatment of OSA and assist and empower dentists to treat the majority of their patients with StopSnoringSleeoBetter.com providing Sleep Medicine consultations via Telemedicine following best practices and AASM and AADSM protocols. Our approach will be more efficient and convenient to patients and provide treatment in a more timely manner.

Our Team

Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBA
Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBAObstructive Sleep Apnea Specialist
Dr Edward T Sall obtained a DDS from Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. While at Columbia University he spent a year working in the Temporomandibular and Orofacial Pain Clinic under the direction of Dr. Joseph Marbach.

After dental school, he completed a GPR residency in Hospital Dentistry and then joined a private practice in general dentistry.

Due to his interest in facial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders. Dr. Sall returned to medical school for additional training. Read more…

Paul Nojaim
Paul NojaimAffiliate Practice Coordinator
Paul Nojaim graduated from Le Moyne College in 2010 with a BS in Economics and Political Science. He initially supported the office of Advanced ENT Physicians of CNY with an administrative role and quickly moved into technical support and information management.

He was instrumental in the website development of Sleep Center of CNY when it was launched in 2016. He has worked in Dr Sall’s office since 2011 and is an expert in medical coding, billing, authorizations and information management. Mr. Nojaim and Dr. Sall co-founded StopSnoringSleepBetter.com, a Telemedicine company, and is in charge of contracts, information management and technical support.

Mr. Nojaim manages the sleep practice of Dr. Sall and has been instrumental in growing the Telemedicine practice, negotiating contracts with affiliated providers and overseeing the implementation of the technology.

David Steinberg
David SteinbergDigital Media & Advertising
David’s passion is healthcare marketing. Since 2004 he has done nothing but create marketing programs for dentists and other healthcare professionals designed to acquire and retain new patients.

Prior to 2004, David spent almost 20 years running a plastics and textile company near Boston, MA. David’s executive experience includes manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, and enterprise resource planning.

In 2004 David started Marketing Turnkey Systems (MTS), a healthcare marketing agency. Today the firm is widely known in the dental and physical medicine industries for “engineering and installing” patient acquisition and retention systems. In addition, medical providers engage MTS for training marketing staff.

David graduated from the Boston College Carroll School of Management in 1987 with an MBA.

Mike Lorenz
Mike LorenzStrategic Business Consultant
Mike has over 35 years of experience leading companies through various stages of growth from start up to maturity in addition to creating and implementing numerous exit strategies. Mike has successfully taken over / started three unique businesses leading them to successful exits.

Additionally, functioning in the roles of CEO or President, he has led 5 different companies operating in the technology, manufacturing, building systems engineering, retail real estate and healthcare industries.

Mike began his career at Price Waterhouse in 1979, where he became a CPA and a Group Manager in the Emerging Business Practice Sector of the firm.

From 1986 through 2008 Mike developed and implemented numerous growth strategies in diverse industries establishing a consistent track record of successful outcomes. During this time he also bought and sold companies, establishing complex finance structures, launched new product development and market introduction strategies and raised in excess of $1 billion in new capital to support company growth initiatives.

Mike lives in Florida with his wife and enjoys golf, fishing and is completing his first book on authenticity of leadership which he is excited about getting published.

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