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About Our Online Web Consultation & Standards of Care

Physician web consultations, or “telemedicine,” is an exciting medical innovation. In many cases, patients can find a physician’s website (like this one), and get a high-quality diagnosis and treatment experience right from home!

The advantages are obvious – comfort, convenience, quicker access to care, and a larger selection of specialists. So while there are obvious advantages, there are also not-so-obvious potential problems. In addition, people have questions about insurance, testing, physical exams, procedures, and follow-up.

That’s why we have created a Standards of Care for online sleep medicine diagnosis and treatment practices. Use our Online Sleep Medicine Consultation Standards of Care to learn what questions to ask before choosing your online sleep medicine care provider.

4 Critical Standards of Care To Demand From Your Online Sleep Doctor

Sleep Medicine Standard 1
  • Extensive Sleep Medicine Experience, Training, & Expertise:

    As the discipline of sleep medicine continues to grow and expand, so do diagnosis and treatment options. For example,
    people with symptoms such as excessive snoring and/or excessive daytime sleepiness may be treated by family physicians,
    ENT specialists, dentists or others. Therefore, depending on their experience and training, your care provider’s diagnosis and
    treatment recommendations an vary widely.

    ✓ Your online sleep medicine provider should educate you on the full range of diagnosis and treatment options, including
    home sleep testing, lifestyle changes, oral appliance therapy, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), and surgery.
    Consider the advantages of choosing a sleep medicine Web consultation provider who is qualified in many or all of these
    treatment disciplines.
    ✓ Your online sleep medicine provider should be familiar with the Clinical Guidelines as set forth by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
    ✓ Ask if your online sleep medicine provider is certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and/or the American
    Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

  • Quality Assurance:

    Are quality assurance procedures in place specifically for online consultations? Web consultations should be of the same quality
    as in-office visits. This means information, history, and measures of patient outcomes need to follow standard clinical guidelines.

    ✓ Ask how your information is collected and tracked compared to the provider’s in-office visit process. If the provider does
    not see in-office patients, make sure records are maintained that you and your other care providers have acces to.
    ✓ Ask how the online care provider handles referrals and follow-up care. In order for your diagnosis and treatment to
    progress as quickly and routinely as possible, your online consultation will need coordinated follow-up and collaborative
    care. Therefore, it’s important toknow if your Web consultation provider has a clear process for complete care referrals and
    ✓ Active physical clinical practice. Like any medical specialty, your online Web consultations are best performed by hands-on
    practitioners. Ask your provider about their off-line clinical practice. Beyond their telemedicine website, research their brick
    and mortar practice and hospital affiliations.

Sleep Standard 2
  • Evidence-Based Practice:

    The specialty of sleep medicine has developed an evidence-based protocol. Just like an office visit with a sleep medicine
    specialist who follows evidence-based protocols as established by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

    ✓ Is the online “visit” conductedlike the physical visit per AASM guidelines. See the guidelines.
    ✓ Does the provider follow AASM diagnostic testing guidelines?
    ✓ Does the provider interpret sleep studies in accordance with AASM guidelines?
    ✓ Does the provider educate you on all aspects of care, including diagnosis and treatment?
    ✓ Does the provider perform follow-up evaluation as if the visit were in person?

  • Insurance and Claims Processing:

    Your online Web consultation and related diagnosis and treatment plan may be covered by insurance. However, many payers do not process claims for online consultations. In many cases, the out-of-pocket cost or an online Web consultation will be comparable to your co-pay. Either way, ask how your online Web consultation can be properly processed by your insurer.

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