Home Sleep Test

Home Sleep Test (HST) Video Instructions Provided by SleepMed

Your medical diagnosis may require a home sleep test. Testing is done by providing you with one of our home sleep testing kits. The kit includes a device you wear for one night. The device collects data while you sleep, and gets returned to our lab the next day. Then your apnea risk assessment is completed and reviewed by your StopSnoringSleepBetter.com physician.

The test can only be ordered by a physician.

If your StopSnoringSleepBetter.com affiliate dentist has not already provided you with your home sleep testing kit (or you aren’t using an affiliated dentist), we will send one after your initial sleep doctor web consult, when indicated.

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Your HST and other medical costs may be covered or reimbursed by insurance. Please check with your insurance provider if you’re not sure about your benefits.

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Home Sleep Test