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About the home sleep tests (HST) prescribed by our physicians: Simple, convenient, and accurate…

Itamar Medical WatchPAT

Home Sleep TestYour medical diagnosis usually requires a home sleep test. We have selected WatchPAT for it’s ease of use and reliability.  All testing with WatchPAT is done in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

WatchPAT includes a disposable device you wear for one night and throw away after use. Use of the WatchPAT requires an iPhone, Android, or other compatible device.

Results from the WatchPAT are used to complete your sleep apnea risk assessment. A home sleep test can only be ordered by a physician.

WatchPAT Home Sleep Testing Kits are provided one of two ways; either by your Affiliated Provider or after your Sleep Doctor Web Consult.

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See the video instructions for use below to learn more about the WatchPAT home sleep testing kit:

Home Sleep Tests – Video & Instructions